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Who has a watch?

Guess who's back 👀

It's time to eliminate the excuses and get ready to move!

My introduction to my running journey was a race. I immediately set a goal for the amount of time I wanted to complete the race in. That's when my tracking began.  That was five years ago. To date, it is very rare for me to go out on a run without some way to track the run. I track my mileage and my speed. Honestly, I'm somewhat obsessive about it. I need to know how many miles I'm running AND I need to know how fast (or slow) I'm running. I use that information to challenge myself to go further and go faster.

I have become so reliant on the tracking systems that I don't take a run without a device. I almost did not run this morning because I could not track it.  🤷‍♀️But guess what?! I ran anyway. And I'm so glad I did.

Today's lesson:
Being active is not the same as being competitive. You do not have the have fancy gadgets and applications in order to get out and move. Al…
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On the Move in January

January is off to a great start! Yes, I know that 'great' is a relative term but it signifies what I believe to be true. My goal this year is just to remain active and healthy. Nothing more. I am not chasing any specific times. I am not chasing any specific distances. I simply plan to keep moving. I say this now, but please note that this can change, especially for me 🤷

I've learned over the years that we get so caught up in the things that others are doing and we push and push ourselves further and further. Now, I absolutely believe that pushing yourself can be an amazing thing but sometimes we push to the point of destruction. That is the one thing that needs to be avoided.

So for me, I am beginning slow and steady. My plan is to move for at least 15 minutes per day. I've been doing well most days and plan to stay the course. Here's what has happened this far:

New Years Day is when the new journey began! I've heard that how you start the year is how you will…

613.55 Miles Later

What an amazing year of running! There was ups and downs. There were challenges and setbacks but I did not give up. My official races included 2-5ks, 1-10k, 1-12k, 1-15k, 4-Half Marathons, and an obstacle race. Each race presented it's own challenges and successes. Below is a snapshot of the how the year was broken down:
No training but this year started off with a bang. My family and I ran the Springhill Mania. Two of the girls ran the 5k and my husband and I ran the half marathon. Always a great time when we are all out there moving at our pace and celebrating our personal wins together. A family that runs together! #Family

There is a fun, flat race that happens every February in Tallahassee. It is the Flash 12k. 7.5 miles done and it felt good because I was not out on the course alone. My husband and two of my daughters were
right there with me. #RepeatOffender

As you see from my January and February mileage, I did not do a lot running. It as time to get on the ball. That's …

Purpose Over Pleasure

"I'm done!"

Those were my thoughts multiple times during this weekend's half marathon. As I got further into the race, I told myself, I'm done! I am done with Zooma. I am done with long distance running. I am done with running race in temperatures above 70 degrees. I am DONE!

At the start of the race, one of the first things I noticed was that the pacer's shirt read. Run Walk Run. I asked the pacer if that meant she would be doing intervals. Her response, "Yes, 2 minutes of running with 30 sec breaks at a 8:40 pace." I was immediately intimidated but I figured I would give it a shot. I did not typically run intervals but these ladies had a tried and true method to get me to my goal time. So I tried it out. I was outside of my comfort zone but that is where growth starts, right?!

I was running strong all the way through mile 9. Based on my mile time splits, I was inspired and moving right along the course. I was even smiling as I passed mile 5. Perha…

Forward Progress

Every mile is a mile in the right direction.
My two miles tonight may not seem like much to you, but to signifies forward progress.

You see, last night, I was looking at my planner and realized that I did not set a running goal for June. You know what that means? It means that I have not been running. Smh.

As I looked at my Nike Run Club app, I was shocked to see that I had one run logged on June 4 and no other run logged until June 16. Wow! It was almost two full weeks. Yikes!!

That's exactly what happens when we fail to plan. It's true! When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So I encourage you to set your plan today. Although it's late in the month, it's not too late to set a plan for the remainder of the month.

That's the beauty of goals. They can be created or altered at any given time.

The other beauty about goals is that they are personal. My husband continues to run at least one mile per day. Although that it not my goal, I can still encourage hi…

Getting The Mojo Back

On this past Saturday I had a chance to do my first Saturday endurance run with Black Girls Run Jacksonville.

It was such as great experience. No woman was left alone and there were so many paces and levels of walkers and runners. The Ambassadors had so much energy that it was contagious.

I had not run more than 40 minutes in a little over a month so I was nervous but it felt so good to be out there....with a group. I completed my 60-minute run and met my goal of 6 miles.

Once the run was over, I was pumped. When I got home, I started looking at my Nike Run App and realized that I was only halfway to my goal of running 62.13 miles this month. Ut oh.

I did some calculations and decided that I could meet my goal if I ran 3 miles per day for the next ten days. What's 30 minutes? It's nothing. We waste 30 minutes scrolling through Facebook. The least I could do is to commit 30 minutes per day to ME. (How much time to yo commit to yourself daily?)

So the journey began.

2 mile walk …

Renewed Motivation

I love the start of a new month. It means that it is an opportunity for me to start over. It is a chance for me to set new goals. It is chance for me to reshape my plans.

For May 2018, my running goal is 100k (yeah....that is 62.13 miles....I don't know the last time I ran that many miles in one month, so.....)

Over the past few weeks, I have been thinking: "Why do I run?" ; "What is my goal?" ; "What is my motivation?"

These questions are very personal and will differ for everyone.

For me....

I run because it keeps me mentally sound. Most importantly, my runs are times that I commit to listening to sermons and uplifting music. I spend that time getting lost in my connection to my heavenly father. My current goal is to complete the three (3), YES THREE, half marathons that I am registered for later this year. You see, I make plans well in advance because they give me something to shoot for and forces me to eliminate excuses.My motivation is to finally…